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Evo is your DIRTT provider in Arkansas. We are here to help you build interior real estate to match your exact needs faster and more cost effectively, leaving you with a high-performance, sustainable space. DIRTT stands for Doing It Right This Time. Something, you likely know, the conventional construction world is ripe for.


The key is ICE® software. The only platform of its kind. ICE combines the 3D videogame experience with real-time engineering and pricing data. You explore your design while confidently making changes and staying on budget. It’s also designed to share the 3D experience with other stakeholders on your project though a simple email.


With this platform Evo Arkansas puts control over design and construction in your team’s hands.


The speed and certainty of manufacturing the majority of your project off-site, means the rest of your sub-trades bid on work produced in a wide-open floorplate. They aren’t hampered by dozens of other trades working around them. There is less material waste, fewer bins, work is simplified and hours are minimized. Meanwhile the Evo team acts as a subcontractor to your General Contractor and design consultants. The earlier we can help you with your project the better. Advance participation ensures the bidding process reflects the labor hours and site conditions you should see less of.


Now, the physical components of DIRTT… They are engineered to react to your design. They are ready for anything. Shapes, sizes, angles, finishes are open to your interpretation. Support of any furniture, fixtures and equipment, now and in the future is part of the DIRTT DNA. Components are consistent like LEGO® and open like a blank canvas.


Building with DIRTT inherently means your space will be unique to you, sustainably constructed and future-friendly. These attributes made almost half of Fortune 500 companies, health and education institutions and small businesses put DIRTT in their buildings.


Our extensive local experience, team members and partnerships here in Arkansas only add to your DIRTT experience. Thank you for considering us and this 21st century method of construction.

Products we provide:
• modular workstations
• private office/executive furniture
• desk chairs
• guest chairs
• conference chairs
• lounge chairs
• treatment chairs/recliners
• conference tables
• training tables
• coffee/side tables
• filing/storage cabinets & bookcases
• moveable wall systems
• modular casework/cabinets
• ergonomic products
• accessories and artwork
• modular carpet tiles
• sound masking systems (white noise)


Services we offer:
• space planning
• interior design
• product selection/specification
• budgeting
• product ordering
• project management
• receiving/warehousing
• delivery and installation
• warranty service
• reconfiguration

Markets we serve:
• corporate
• healthcare
• education
• non-profit
• federal & local government
• industrial


Environments we create:
• private offices
• modular workstations
• conference/meeting rooms
• lobby/waiting/lounge areas
• dining/break rooms
• libraries
• residence halls
• filing/storage rooms
• computer training rooms
• classrooms
• auditoriums
• outdoor dining areas

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